Sensory play: corn starch and water

My little one is now seven and a half months old. Seven and a half months. How on earth did that happen? Right around her seven month birthday, I had a little mommy freak out. She’s getting so big now, and so active. She’s in that stage where she isn’t quite a big kid anymore who can walk around and do things on her own, but she isn’t my little baby who just wants to lay around and eat and sleep anymore. It’s sad, but also exciting and you know what? Mildly terrifying.

I ended up spending about two hours on Pinterest looking up activities for seven months old and beyond. Turns out, my little one is capable of a lot more discovery than I thought. They grow so quickly my mommy mind can’t keep up! Sometimes I even think we should still be up every two hours (although I’m glad we aren’t!)

I decided we would try this cornstarch and water sensory play activity and boy oh boy was it fun (and messy!). We just mixed up some corn starch and water in a tin foil cake pan and let her have at it!


She spent the first little bit staring at me like, mom, I’m bored. She didn’t realize the big bucket was for her to play with!


Eventually she caught on and decided that the best thing to do with it was dump it all over herself –and the floor. It’s a good thing we didn’t decide to do this on the carpet.


She couldn’t quite get a hold of a handful, but she did like making tiny hand prints in it, while chewing on a baby wipe of course. This activity was easy and occupied her for a good half an hour. We’ll definitely be doing it again and trying more sensory play activities in the future.

What are your favorite things to do with your little ones? I’d love to hear!



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